Strategies for Leaders to Address Equity


Equity work is challenging and complex, but super important to address in youth-serving organizations. From our perspective, equity work is an ongoing process. It’s not a box to be checked. It’s more of a journey. We have a framework we like to use that can help you get started with strategies to support equity in your organization. We call this the 3P’s: People, Practices, Policies

  • People: What can individuals do to reflect and work on their own equity lens?

  • Practices: What program practices can shift to be more equity-based?

  • Policies: What organizational systems and policies can be revised with an equity-focus?

Strategies people can do to begin equity work are:

  • Anti-bias and micro-aggression training

  • Coaching

  • Defining concepts and terms

  • Facilitation of staff dialogue

  • Create a personal equity roadmap

Strategies to support program practices are:

  • Curriculum review

  • Cultural responsiveness training

  • Topic-specific staff training

  • Strategies for community engagement

Strategies to revise organizational policies include:

  • Mission/Vision alignment

  • Assessment of organizational practices such as hiring, evaluation, data, etc.

  • Community mapping

  • Developing an organizational strategy around diversity, equity and inclusion