Our Approach to Equity


Many leaders are aware that addressing  equity in their organizations is critical in order to best serve the young people in their programs, but most do not have the appropriate support to do this work.

At DWL, we have created a comprehensive model that takes into account the unique characteristics of youth-serving organizations and helps individuals and organizations deepen their equity lens and practices. Our engagements incorporate a variety of strategies and supports including: professional development, technical support, leadership development, and resource development.

This diagram shows how DWL’s support fits within a larger vision of creating dynamic and affirming environments that address the needs of diverse participants,  affirm young people’s intersectional identities, and foster cross-cultural skills.

Of course, the level of complexity of equity work requires a wide range of approaches and strategies in order to adequately meet the needs of organizations. To help leaders and their organizations, DWL provides support on three levels of change: people, policies and practices. Check out our post about strategies to address equity.